About me

I was born in Tebing Tinggi, a little town near Medan (Sumatra, Indonesia) in 1951. In 1960 we moved to Italy (the city of Catania in Sicily) and in 1965 we moved again, this time to Nieuwkoop, a small village in The Netherlands. After finishing my high school I left home for military service, which was compulsory at the time, where I served one and a half years as a sergeant.

In September 1972 I left the service and went to study physics at the University of Groningen but I soon realised I wasn’t interested enough in the subject. So I took up psychology at the University of Amsterdam because of my passion for understanding the way we think and the way we interact. I specialized in statistics and philosophy of science.

I had my  first job at the faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam where I worked for a year as a methodologist. After this I worked as market researcher, data analist, informatics consultant, business administrator and (project)manager – mainly in health care untill 2013.
Now I am retired but I still have some work in managementt consultancy (mainly in organisational development).

My nickname for this site is Syndor.

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